Meeting with the president of the executive committee of the PRM section Nicholas Christodoulou

On June 17, an official meeting of the rector of the university, academician V.M. Zaporozhan with the president of the executive committee of physical and rehabilitation medicine (PRM) section, Nicolas Christodoulou, the president of the European Council of PRM Alvydas Yuchavichus, the chief independent specialist of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, specializing in “Physiotherapy. Medical Rehabilitation” V.A. Golik, the chairman of the board of “Ukrainian Society for Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine” and professor O.A. Vladimirov regarding development of PRM in Ukraine took place. During the meeting, issues as to development of a new for Ukraine PRM specialty, its integration into the educational process of medical universities and the issue of specialist training programme were discussed. The guests highly appreciated the work of the simulation and training center and the department of physical rehabilitation, sports medicine, physical education and valeology.