University Museums


One of the oldest professional museums in Ukraine. It was created in 1900 at the initiative of Professor M.O. Batuyev, the first head of the Anatomy Department. The museum has more than 3,000 exhibits collected from the most remote parts of the world. Among them there are hundreds of skulls and several dozen skeletons of man – representatives of different nations and races, fragments of bodies of people from the Egyptian pyramids and archaeological excavations. Since 1910, many exhibits have been made by university students. The most valuable collection of the museum is the training unit of the Human Anatomy Department.


It is one of the best professional museums in Ukraine. It was created in 1902 with the preparations from the collection of professors of Moscow University. Later, the exposition of the museum was replenished with the macro-preparations, which were donated to the department by Odessa pathologists. Now the museum has more than 2,5 thousand unique exhibits, which help the students study the course of pathological anatomy thoroughly.


Created in the late 80’s of the twentieth century, reconstructed in 2000 for the 100th anniversary of the university, the museum reflects the milestones of the educational establishment since its creation in 1900 to the present. There are 4.5 thousand exhibits presented to help students study the history of medicine.