Electronic library


The University’s library is one of the oldest in the country and has the book fund of a million of copies. It is an informative center, which can provide students with necessary information in the accessible form.

A new students’ library is a modern building which has been working since 2008. It provides students not only with traditional paper textbooks, but it became one of the first in Ukraine electronic library for medical students.

A comfortable, spacious reading-room, a computer room can give places to 130 students at a time. Thus, one can work not only at the workstation but also thanks to wireless network all 130 places of the reading-room are informatively active. The students can come with their own laptops and to get any necessary information. It is possible to get it also on any electronic media.

What information are we speaking about? For the first time about electronic textbooks. The reading-room has more than 70 electronic textbooks, the authors of which are leading scientists of our University. Besides, there has been created a full-text form data base of those textbooks on fundamental disciplines, the number of which in a paper format is limited in the library. Today every student can get on its computer “Human Anatomy Atlas” in 4 volumes by Sinelnikov, “Human Anatomy” by M. G. Pryvis, “Pharmacology” by D. A. Kharkevitch, “Histology” by Yu. I. Afanasyev, “Pathological anatomy” by O. I. Stroukov and V. V. Serov and a lot of other textbooks of total amount about 1 thousand titles.

There was created an electronic catalogue of educational literature with the help of special automated system “Irbis” connected with the general electronic catalogue of the library, which allows to a student without leaving the room of the educational library to find and order any book, which is available in the general library fund.

It will help in case of preparation for the abstract, and also to those students, which study in the scientific groups and learn profoundly one or another theme or discipline. The Internet will assist in this case as well; it works in the library regularly.

Our electronic library is proud of data bases of University departments’ materials to help students in their self-training. There are already 57 data bases. They are available for all the specialties and are created in the English, Russian and Ukrainian languages. These data bases have texts of lectures, methodical elaborations and recommendations after some sections and themes of educational disciplines, tests to the modules and preparation to state testing and other materials to help the students.

All the information can be obtained on-line from home computers.

Every student has its electronic subscription with a personal code, which corresponds to the number of a student ticket, and the process of receipt and leaving books takes several minutes.

The electronic library has also full-text data bases of rarity editions, which are kept in the fund of library. And there are quite a few of them — 2.5 thousand of unique books. Among them D. Mendeleyev, M. I. Pirogov, L. Paster, I. Sechenov, Ch. Darwin, S. Botkin and many others.

The library blog helps students to get answers to all the questions.

The University is not only educational but also scientific establishment. And the library should worry about that both scientists and students, which prepare to scientific future, and graduate students, and magistrants had all the necessary scientific information in the complete volume. The library of the University subscribes annually to 400 scientific medical journals. It is a great volume of information, which is hard to work with, especially if it concerns the search for a concrete subject.

Today the electronic library can offer an electronic catalogue of all the articles of medical journals of Ukraine and Russia since 2006. Besides, the articles published in all journals which are subscribed by the University since 2007 are available in the electronic full-text format.

It is quite simple to use the electronic library. One should have elementary skills of computer work for it.