Information about violence and terrorism

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine fully supports youth in their desire for rapid change in the state, upholding democratic traditions and establishing the principles of civil society. At the same time, in the context of ongoing armed aggression against Ukraine, a number of anti-Ukrainian information and propaganda campaigns on the Internet, regular anonymous media reports about “mining” of infrastructure, detection of illegal trafficking in weapons and explosives etc., the potential possibility of involving some student youth in destructive activities is worrisome.

Taking into account the above mentioned, in order to increase the level of awareness of students of institutions of higher and professional higher education, academic and teaching staff about the dangers and scale of extremism and terrorist threat, the formation of intolerance to terrorism and persons with extremist ideology, please focus on explanatory work, including by means of electronic communication and distribution of information materials on the specified subjects.

Based on trust and cooperation, Ukrainian citizens and residents have the possibility to report any facts of arrival and stay in the region of suspects, intentions to carry out separatist, terrorist, sabotage or intelligence activities by e-mail: [email protected] and by 24-hour toll-free hotline of the Security Services of Ukraine (0-800-501-482).