Volunteer activities

Gratitude to ONMedU students At the end of 2023, the student government initiated a New Year's charity event. Graduates of higher education and employees of the university congratulated the defenders of our state on the New Year 2024 and presented essential items: heated insoles
We don’t stop working – we start the day with the question HOW ARE YOU? No matter how hard it is, there are always those who are much worse off. From the first days of the war, Andrii joined the ranks of the Armed Forces. He works on one of the most difficult areas of
August 19 is World Humanitarian Day World Humanitarian Day is celebrated annually on August 19 at the initiative of the United Nations. The goal of the World Health Organization and other international organizations is to expand knowledge about the humanitarian community, about what humanitarian workers do
Video project “Not Small People” For the Youth Day, which Ukraine celebrates with the whole world on August 12, the International Republican Institute presents the video project "Not Small People". A series of short films about Ukrainian youth who radically changed their lives because of
Donor Day at ONMedU: Your blood can fight. Become a donor! A successful offensive requires more than just weapons. Blood is needed to save heroes. Reliable and stable supplies of blood and its components are needed so that everyone who needs appropriate medical care receives it in time and in sufficient