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Vaccination against coronavirus Vaccination rates in Odesa area are quite low, the population has doubts about vaccination, so representatives of the medical community, including Odesa National Medical University, are doing a lot of explanatory work on the importance of vaccination. In the live
Advantages and disadvantages of vaccination Employees of Odessa National Medical University - acting head of the Department of General and Clinical Epidemiology and Biosafety, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Olena Kozishkurt, and Anna Rogankova, Associate Professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases, expressed their opinion on
A scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Department of Infectious Diseases of ONMedU was held The conference lasted for 2 days, September 16 and 17, in a mixed format (online and offline). The grand opening took place on September 16. Numerous guests greeted the oldest department of infectious diseases in the former Soviet Union. The
Reunion of 1971 graduates of Odessa Medical University took place On September 18, a meeting of graduates of 1971 was held in the 1st lecture hall of the main building. Thanks to the organizing committee, which included well-known doctors of Odessa Palagina N.V., Tyagai O. Ya., Babenko L.B., the official
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