Суспільні науки

Embroidery Day at ONMedU 2022 Ukrainian embroidered shirt is a shrine of the people, a symbol of spiritual wealth, wisdom, happiness, love and family memory. This year, the Day of Embroidery fell on May 19, and on the last days of the week teachers of
To the International Museum Day "Whatever house I enter, I will go there for the benefit of the patient" - such an inscription can be seen on the exhibit in the Museum of History of ONMedU, which revives the past of our university. Museums preserve
A Great Holiday! Among the calendar holidays in the Ukrainian traditional culture, the central place is occupied by Easter - the holiday of resurrection! Easter rites combined pieces of the culture of previous generations of people who inhabited the territory of Ukraine for
Educational event to celebrate the 208th anniversary of the great Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko’s birthday On March 9 a memorable date was celebrated - the 208th anniversary of the birth of the great Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko. On this occasion, the Department of Social Sciences held an educational event with first-year students of the 2nd
Celebration of the Day of Unity by the Department of Social Sciences On February 16, the Decree of the President of Ukraine (No. 53 of February 14, 2022) declared the Day of Unity to strengthen the consolidation of Ukrainians, strengthen their resilience against the background of growing hybrid threats, propaganda and moral