The Language of My Soul: Days of Ukrainian Writing and Language at ONMedU

The Ukrainian language has always been and is the main symbol of Ukrainian people, it forms an invisible link between all the generations that created in our country. Language is a means of knowledge and communication, it is a treasury, a hiding place of the human spirit.

In order to improve the general culture of speech, the staff of the Department of Social Sciences, led by the head, associate professor Olha Sikorska, held a series of educational events on October 23-27, 2023, dedicated to the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language, which was celebrated on October 27. Among them are the Ukrainian language Olympiad, thematic lectures, conversations-discussions, intellectual and entertaining games, presentations and reports, writing creative essays on the topic “The role of the state language. Language is the code of the nation!”, brainstorming “Language in history and the history of language”, recitation of poems, watching videos, etc.

October 27, 2023 All-Ukrainian dictation of national unity, organized by the National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine, was written by students and teachers. This year, the dictation had the symbolic title “Roads of Ukraine” (text by K. Kalytko, read by theater and film actor O. Hnatkovskyi).

The teachers organized the preparation of reports and presentations by the winners on the following topics: “Nestor the chronicler”, “Interesting facts about the Ukrainian language”, “History of Ukrainian literature”. Taking into account the professional direction, the following topics of speeches were proposed: “The word heals”, “Doctor-patient communication”, “Using the Ukrainian language in medical activities”.

All events were incredibly sensual and inspiring. This gives the applicants the opportunity to study the Ukrainian language with enthusiasm, improve their expressiveness of speech and develop oratorical skills.

During the week, there was an active link to the Ukrainian language quiz on the university’s website, which enabled more than 100 test takers to test their knowledge, 80 of them showed an excellent result!

A person can speak many languages, but he should know his native language best and most perfectly. After all, the native language is that magical instrument, the sounds of which respond to the thinnest and most tender strings of the human soul. The history of our language remembers many tragic pages, but now the positions of the Ukrainian language are much stronger.

The conducted events contributed to the popularization of the Ukrainian language and the education of the younger generation in the spirit of patriotism, respect for their history and culture.

Associate Professor of the Department of Social Sciences,
Ph.D. Olena Uvarova