Department of Ophthalmology of ONMedU On September 25, 1903, Professor Serhii Selivanovych Holovin gave an introductory lecture on ophthalmology at the medical faculty of Novorossiysk University in Odesa. This is how the Department and Clinic of Ophthalmology of Odesa National Medical University began its almost
Surgical department of the University Clinic of ONMedU The University Clinic, a division of Odesa National Medical University, was established in 2004 and became the first clinic in Ukraine that revived the ancient traditions of the medical and educational school. Combining science with practice, according to the author
International Day Against Sexual Violence in Conflict On June 19, the world celebrates the UN International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict. The tragedy of war is not only in the flows of refugees, destroyed homes, dead and wounded. According to official data, the
What have Kakhovski waters brought to Odesa? What is the danger to people's health caused by the environmental disaster caused by the Russian aggressors undermining the Kakhovska HPP? What are the risks of an outbreak of serious diseases for residents of our region? Recently, authoritative specialists in
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In the conditions of a man-made disaster, it is worth to take care of your own safety and prevent the emergence of an epidemic of acute intestinal infections On June 6, the destruction of Kakhovska HPS caused great environmental damage to the entire territory of Ukraine. The key environmental consequence of the dam explosion was the decrease in water quality and the pollution of reservoirs in the entire
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