Online webinar “Actual problems of social pediatrics” In the conditions of quarantine and pandemic of СOVID-19 Odessa Association of Pediatricians and Neonatologists together with the staff of the Department of Pediatrics №1 Odessa National Medical University continues the remote activities of the system of continuing professional education.
Fast-track surgery. Professor Andriy Malinovskii on the gentle and rapid treatment of patients in the Covid-19 era Operations with long rehabilitation, large scars and temporary disability are a thing of the past. Now even the most difficult surgeries can be performed without an incision - just a few punctures of the skin. This approach is as gentle
Anatoliy Son: ONMedU University Clinic is ultra-modern equipment for the most complex neurosurgical operations Neurosurgeon is one of the most difficult medical disciplines. One wrong move by a surgeon can result in a disability for the patient. That is why safety measures during operations on the brain and spinal cord are absolutized. The most
Technologies for health. Top innovations of the University Clinic of Odessa National Medical University Despite the difficult situation in health care, more and more complex operations, including oncological ones, are performed in Ukraine. The idea that highly qualified care is available only abroad for big money is successfully refuted by the University Clinic of
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Providing surgical care at the University Clinic of ONMedU in the conditions of COVID-19 The current situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic makes it difficult to provide specialized care to surgical patients. The timeliness and completeness of surgery is known to directly affect treatment outcomes and disease prognosis.The increased risk of morbidity and mortality
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