Vaccination against coronavirus Vaccination rates in Odesa area are quite low, the population has doubts about vaccination, so representatives of the medical community, including Odesa National Medical University, are doing a lot of explanatory work on the importance of vaccination. In the live
Advantages and disadvantages of vaccination Employees of Odessa National Medical University - acting head of the Department of General and Clinical Epidemiology and Biosafety, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Olena Kozishkurt, and Anna Rogankova, Associate Professor of the Department of Infectious Diseases, expressed their opinion on
Vaccination in Odessa region should be broad and in a short time The epidemiological situation in Odessa region, the outbreak of COVID-19 infection in the camp "Young Guard" and the vaccination of Odessa citizens are being discussed live in «LIVE STUDIO». Doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of the Department of Internal
About the all-Ukrainian vaccination program The epidemic situation in Ukraine is deteriorating. The gradual increase in morbidity continues. Epidemiologists predict that there will be 10-12 days left before the coronavirus outbreak. Mykola Golubyatnikov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of ONMeDU, a guest of the "Everyone