DOING SCIENCE IS INTERESTING! The first organizational meeting of the SSS of the Department of Social Sciences in the new academic year 2023-2024

On September 30, 2023, the first meeting of the scientific student group of the Department of Social Sciences was held this academic year. The sunny Saturday day coincided with the celebration of the All-Ukrainian Library Day. Graduates of the medical, dentistry and pharmaceutical faculties of 1-3 years of study visited  Odesa National Scientific Library. Scientific leader of the group, Doctor of Science in Science, Associate Professor Podkupko T.L. spoke about the basics of finding information and sources, the algorithm for writing scientific papers.

Then we went on a tour of the oldest book collection in Southern Ukraine. At first, the higher education seekers were registered at the Library. Next, the tour guide told about the history of ONSL since 1829, its current building, which is an architectural monument and was built according to the best world library models in 1905-1907. We visited the reading rooms: from the main one to the hall of scientific workers. We looked at special library furniture made at the beginning of the last century: cabinets assembled without nails, chairs with carvings, tables, etc. In the catalog department, they listened to a mini-lecture on finding and ordering the necessary books and periodicals. Learned to use thematic and subject catalogs.

The Modern Library is access to various databases, including subscription ones, on various scientific topics. Readers have the opportunity to view and study the smallest details from collections, engravings, manuscripts, and rare publications on a large touch screen. If desired, you can visit conversation clubs. Where, twice a week in a mixed format in Ukrainian, English, or German, you will learn to express your thoughts while watching and discussing documentaries and feature films, holding language quizzes, quests, etc.

As always, our graduates of higher education were greeted with warmth and curiosity in the Departments of Arts and Rare Editions and Manuscripts. The employees of the reference and information department invited not only to use the rich collection of dictionaries and encyclopedias, but also to participate in scientific conferences based on ONSL.

In the courtyard of the Library, members of the SSS of the Department of Social Sciences joined the activities dedicated to the All-Ukrainian Library Day, attended master classes on restoration of books and manuscripts. They ground themselves fragrant, delicious coffee on a two-hundred-year-old grinder at an art fair and tasted various delicacies. They made donats for the Armed Forces, helped weave marushki (“kikimori”). They got to an excerpt of the performance-installation Forest Song, by actors from the Puppet Theater and listened to a concert by the leading performers of the Odesa National Academic Opera Theater and the Odesa Philharmonic.

After a delicious treat during the presentation of Oleg Suslov’s book project “Life in the power of Zumba”, trainers from the Storm and Vyshcha Liga fitness clubs offered the guests fiery dances. Group members, guests, librarians led by general director Biryukova Iryna Oleksandrivna gathered in a dance battle. The main prize is a great mood!

Our brains took part in the “Read and Win” quiz on knowledge of history, culture, art and literature. Among the prizes: certificates for free services for scanning and photo library sources, access to subscription databases, a free excursion and won the most important prizes: an invitation to the premiere of the play Kaidashi based on the novel by Ivan Nechuy-Levytsky, staged by Kostyantyn Pyvovarov at  Odesa Academic Ukrainian Musical – Drama Theater named after V. Vasylko.

On this day, until late in the evening, there were no air raid signals, which is a rarity nowadays. But if there were, we could visit the ONSL shelter and listen to many stories from the Second World War, how books, maps, valuables that could not be evacuated in time were hidden here…

The excursion was rich, interesting, and useful. A holiday for brains, soul, body. We invite ONMedU applicants to join our SSS!

Tatyana Leonidovna Podkupko,
candidate of historical sciences,
Associate Professor of the Department of Social Sciences of ONMedU,
scientific leader of the SSS Department of Social Sciences.