University Clinic

Center of Reconstructive and Restorative Medicine

The center of reconstructive and restorative medicine has a modern diagnostic base, including laboratory, instrumental research methods, functional diagnostics, X-ray departments for the examination of patients with the above-mentioned pathology at the up-to-date level.

Patients receive counselling aid by the staff of the leading clinical departments of Odessa National Medical University.

The clinic is located in the park area, next to the sea, in the resort area of ​​the city.

Директор: Busel Svitlana Valentynivna
Multifield Medical Center

The multifield medical center of ONMedU is a teaching and research unit of the Odessa National Medical University.

The main function of the center is to provide training and qualification of medical personnel for higher education standards, carrying out research, development, testing and implementation of innovative medical technologies, provision of highly specialized medical care to the population, including emergency medical care.

Директор: Podust Oleg Anatoliyovych
Center of Ophthalmology

Our Clinic is known for its traditions and world innovations, the team of the best specialists – practitioners, candidates and doctors of sciences, professors and associate professors of departments, effective equipment and philosophy of beneficence.

Директор: Drozdin Volodymyr Anatoliyovych