Ophthalmic medical center

The clinic was founded on September 25, 1903, on the basis of the Department of Eye Diseases of Novorossiysk University of Odessa, by the professor S.S. Golovin, who headed it until 1911.

The clinic was headed by prominent ophthalmologists: from 1911 to 1956 by the Academician V.P. Filatov, prof. Kalfa S.F., prof. Cherkasov I.S.; from 1997 – 2015 by Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine prof. Wenger G.Yu. From the beginning of the 60s to 1997, the clinic was a structural subdivision of the City Clinical Hospital No. 2 in Odesa, consisting of 2 inpatient departments for 80 beds, an out-patient department and an emergency room. In 1997, the Municipal Medical-Diagnostic Center of Eye Microsurgery was formed on the basis of in-patient ophthalmologic and day outpatient clinics and in 2002 the Center was reorganized into Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 4. In December 2014, the Medical Clinical Center of the University Clinic was formed on the basis of the City Clinical Hospital No. 2 of ОNMedU.

Head Physician – Natalia Valentinivna Kresyun, Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Board certified in Ophthalmology, MD, associate professor of the Department of Ophthalmology.

Deputy Head Medical Officer – Olexander Viktorovich Loza, Board certified in Ophthalmology.

Deputy Head Physician for technical issues – Pascal Nikolai Ivanovich.

Department N1 – the head is Kolesnichenko Sergey Valentinovich, Board certified in Ophthalmology. The department consists of: consulting and diagnostic ophthalmologic center (2 consulting rooms, office for children’s eyesight protection, physiotherapy room) and an ophthalmologic traumatologic center.

Department N 2 (in-patient department for 30 beds) – the head of the department is Gudenko Oksana Vladimirovna, Board certified in Ophthalmology.

Department N3 (in-patient department for 30 beds) – the head is Nadia Anatolievna Ulyanova, Board certified in Ophthalmology, professor of the department of ophthalmology.

The Center provides highly specialized ophthalmologic aid; there is the oldest office of urgent ophthalmologic aid on the basis of the Center, which was founded by the Academician V.P. Filatov in 1931-1932, which still renders urgent medical aid twenty-four hours a day. Along with the generally recognized methods of diagnosis, treatment and surgical interventions in our country and abroad, the innovative methods developed by the staff of the Department of Ophthalmology of ONMedU and employees of the Medical Ophthalmology Center of the ONMedU are widely used at the Center.

Medical ophthalmologic center makes:

  • Diagnosis of all types of ophthalmic pathology in adults and children;
  • Urgent ophthalmologic aid in injuries and burns of the eyes and appendages – twenty-four hours a day;
  • Conservative treatment of all types of ophthalmic pathology, including the use of cell therapy and physiotherapy methods;
  • Diagnosis and conservative treatment of astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia and amblyopia in children of all ages;
  • Surgical treatment of dacriocystis in children;
  • Surgical treatment of cataracts (senile, diabetic, traumatic, etc.) with the use of various modern methods;
  • Surgical treatment of various types of glaucoma, including the use of the microimplant “EX-PRESS”.
  • Implantation of various models of artificial lens;
  • Strabismus surgery;
  • Reconstructive operations on the eyelids and eyes caused by age-related diseases and degenerative changes as well as after injuries and burns;
  • Conservative and surgical treatment of diseases of the retina and the vasculature, including retinal detachment and intravitreal administration of various drugs.


The Center is a teaching and research unit of Odesa National Medical University. It is a base of the Department of Ophthalmology of ONMedU where students, interns, clinical residents, graduate students and postgraduate students are trained.

Contacts of the Center:

4 Olgievskaya St., Odesa, 65082

Work schedule:

Consultive and diagnostic center works by pre-registration:

Monday – Friday, according to the schedule of doctors of the Center.

Day off: Saturday-Sunday.

Appointment with doctors from Monday to Friday

by the telephone of the register office – 723 52 08  from 9.00 to 15.00,

Day off: Saturday-Sunday