The Rzeszow International Medical Students’ Association Congress 2024 (RIMSA Congress 2024)

Dear Students,

On behalf of the Rzeszow International Medical Students’ Association, you are cordially invited to take part in the Rzeszow International Medical Students’ Association Congress 2024 (RIMSA Congress 2024).

The Conference will be held in a stationary form on March 21-23th 2023, in the building of the University of Rzeszow. For participants from countries other than Poland, online participation is allowed.  For passive participants, there will be an online broadcast on the official Conference website and YouTube channel. Passive participation in RIMSA Congress 2024 is completely free.

The Congress is interdisciplinary in nature and covers virtually all branches of medicine with its topics. Clinical cases, research, survey and review papers in the form of an oral presentation or scientific poster are accepted. Submission of abstracts are available from 01.01.2024 to 29.02.2024.

The whole event will be divided into thematic sessions. During each of the session you will have an opportunity to hear an opening lectures given by eminent specialists – professors, doctors and physicians from many different fields of medicine. Subsequently we will hear series of students’ paper.

All active participants will receive certificates proving their participation in the Conference. We are very pleased to announce that, as in the previous year, University of Rzeszow is going to  publish an Abstract Book containing the abstracts of all the papers presented at this year’s conference! It will be released by European Journal od Clinical and Experimental Medicine  (Eur J Clin Exp Med), which is published by the University of Rzeszów Publishing House.

An additional advantage of the Congress are practical workshops, during which students will have the opportunity to acquire useful skills for their future work. Planned workshops include courses in ECG analyzing, echocardiography, laparoscopy, audiometry analyzing, ultrasound and surgical suturing.

All necessary information you can kindly find on the website of the University of Rzeszów  and social media profiles.


WHEN: March 21th-23th, 2024

WHERE: University of Rzeszow and online (for passive participants and participants from countries other than Poland)



TYPES OF ACCEPTED WORKSHOPS: research, survey, review, clinical cases in the form of an oral presentation or scientific poster.

RIMSA Congress website

Facebook: RIMSA Congress

Instagram: rimsa_congress