Unbelievable Competition from UAMED!



Dear friends, in honor of the New Year holidays – UAMED holds the largest competition in the history of the Association!

Namely, it holds a raffle for Ukrainian doctors to win a unique opportunity for a FREE MONTHLY FOREIGN TRAINING

If this post earns 10 000 likes ? (post on the Fb.com/UkrAMED page) until March 8th – on the World Women’s Day – there will be a raffle of this opportunity among those who:

? has “liked” this post.

? is a student, an intern, or a Ukrainian doctor.

? is a subscriber of our page in Fb.com/UkrAMED


The free training package includes:

? Practice in the clinic

? Accommodation

? Two-way trip

? Once-daily meal

? Excursions around the city


The winner will be able to choose a clinic, a specialty, the date of taking the  training BY HIS OWN WISH in  the available list:

? REPUBLICAN CLINIC OF KAUNAS, LITHUANIA (in specialty: General surgery, Vascular surgery, Anesthesiology).

? SOUTH-TALLINN CENTRAL HOSPITAL, ESTONIA (in specialty: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Neonatology, Oncogynecology, Anesthesiology).

? UNIVERSITY CLINIC OF TURKU, FINLAND (in specialty: 3D Dentistry, Implantology, Aesthetic Dentistry)

? CENTER OF DENTAL MEDICINE Košice, SLOVAKIA (in specialty: Thyroid and facial surgery, Orthopedic dentistry, Implantology).

? INSTITUTE OF HEART OF THE MOH OF UKRAINE (for specialty: Cardiac Surgery, Anesthesiology, Interventional Cardiology).


Enter the UAMED page and “like” the post at Fb.com/UkrAMED, as in the social network Facebook “likes” are counted only on the publisher’s page!