ONMedU: training “Arresting massive critical bleeding”

Odesa National Medical University hosted trainings developed by the International Medical Corps together with the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative under the coordination of the American College of Surgeons, the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians and the World Health Organization.

The main goal is to improve the provision of trauma care to victims of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine at the pre-hospital and hospital levels. Thus, the course “Arresting massive critical bleeding” teaches how to save a person’s life in case of severe blood loss.

Let us remind you that bleeding is one of the most problematic complications after injuries and traumas with damage to main or peripheral vessels. Therefore, mastering all modern methods of arresting bleeding increases the chances of life for both military and civilian people. This is especially relevant today, when Ukraine is suffering from a military invasion by an aggressor country.

The course consisted of two parts. First, a lecture was held where the attendees were reminded of the types of wounds and bleeding. After that, there was practical work on practicing the skills of stopping bleeding with the use of auxiliary material.