Specialized training according to the tactical medicine course according to NAEMT standards

On April 22-24, the teachers of the Department of Disaster Medicine and Military Medicine and the Department of Simulation Medical Technologies conducted a specialized training with students to practice the practical skills of providing pre-medical and first aid in extreme and combat conditions at the pre-hospital stage at Odesa National Medical University, within the framework of the military meeting of higher education graduates.

These Trainings are designed according to the NAEMT Tactical Combat Casualty Care level Combat Life Saver-Comb at Course tactical medicine training course.

The training of skills was carried out according to the principles of as close as possible to extreme and combat situations, where the preservation of the life and health of the victims depends on the coherence and clarity of the execution of techniques.

Students practiced the skills of evacuating a wounded person from the battlefield, arresting bleeding by various means, converting a tourniquet, restoring airway patency, treating tension pneumothorax and hemothorax, providing assistance with open wounds of the chest and anterior abdominal wall, injuries of the spine , head, assistance with thermal, chemical and blast injury.

During hostilities, such skills will help save the lives of military and civilians.

We are proud of our students, who at the end of the meeting demonstrated the possession of all the necessary skills at a very high level, which meets all international standards!