ONMedU is improving the training of physical rehabilitation medicine doctors

Within the framework of the implementation of the project of the National Strategy for the creation of a barrier-free space in Ukraine for the period until 2030, which appeared at the initiative of the First Lady Olena Zelenska, the field of rehabilitation received significant development.

The demand for rehabilitation has always existed, but during the war it became a challenge for society. The country lacks medical specialists who are engaged in the rehabilitation of our soldiers and Ukrainian civilians who have suffered as a result of a full-scale war and need physical rehabilitation. The law “On rehabilitation in health care” adopted by the Government, which takes into account WHO recommendations, became the basis for building a modern rehabilitation system. This involves, first of all, new approaches in the organization of providing rehabilitation assistance on rehabilitation routes and a significant increase in the training of rehabilitation specialists in higher education institutions.

Odesa National Medical University constantly improves the educational process according to European standards and trains highly qualified doctors of physical rehabilitation medicine.