ONMedU has summed up the results of research work in 2020

At the meeting of the Academic Council of Odessa National Medical University the results of completed and transitional research (SRW) in 2020 were summed up.
In particular, 2 doctoral and 6 candidate dissertations were defended, 27 patents were obtained, 8 of them for inventions, 19 for utility models. A lot of educational materials and scientific works have been published: monographs (11), textbooks (5), manuals (15), methodical recommendations (8), information letters with the stamp of the Ministry of Health (2), articles (265, 96 of them abroad) and abstracts (213, 28 of them abroad). At the end of the year, 47 new methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment were introduced into the practice of 60 treatment and prevention institutions.
The results of the work on the transitional SRW in 2020 are as follows: 8 candidate dissertations were defended, 23 patents were obtained, 3 of them for an invention, 20 for a utility model. There are 6 positive decisions for the issuance of patents. One innovation certificate, 16 monographs, 5 textbooks, 8 manuals, 5 methodical recommendations, 4 informals, 276 articles (110 of them abroad) and 188 theses (64 of them abroad) were published. 6 new methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment have been introduced in the practice of 44 treatment and prevention institutions.