The Academic Council of ONMedU summed up the work of the university in 2020

On December 24, 2020, the last meeting of the Academic Council took place, at which the results of the work were summed up and plans for the new 2021 were announced.
In 2021, the Deputy Chairman of the Admissions Committee, Associate Professor G.F. Stepanov, introduced the new rules of admission to ONMedU.
Acting rector of ONMedU R.S. Vastianov reported on the results and problems of scientific activity and training of scientific and pedagogical staff in 2020. He focused on strengthening the interest of young employees in the development of medical science. The speaker stressed the need to create conditions in which young professionals will be able to feel needed by national science. “We need to take care of the young generation, talented scientists, support them, motivate them to do research, create a reserve to head the departments,” said Ruslan Vastianov. He supported the speaker and the Chairman of the Academic Council: “We have the potential and conditions, we only need the desire of our senior colleagues, heads of departments to help young people. Please dedicate the next year to your young staff. ”
The results of anti-corruption activities in 2020 were reported by the Vice-Rector for Research and Teaching Associate Professor K.O. Talalaiev. He noted that the work, which includes preventive measures, assistance in declaring the income of employees, in the election campaign was completed in full. An anti-corruption action plan for 2021 was also approved.
The Academic Council unanimously approved amendments to the Regulations on conferring the title of “Honorary Doctor of Odessa National Medical University” (“DOCTOR HONORIS CAUSA”), which were introduced to the Secretary of the Academic Council O.L Appelhans. Today, Honorary Doctors can be not only foreign scientists, but also domestic ones. The most important thing is that this person is outstanding and worthy, has many achievements. In this regard, a proposal was announced to confer the title of “Honorary Doctor of ONMedU” to Professor F.I. Kostev.
Professor M.M. Pustovoit filed a petition to assign the Department of Psychiatry, Addiction and Medical Psychology of Odessa National Medical University, which he heads, named after Valery Semenovich Bitensky – Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, psychiatrist of the highest category, excellent health care. The proposal was unanimously supported.
According to the competition, 10 heads of departments were elected by closed voting, associate professors and professors by open voting. At the end of the meeting a Diploma of Doctor of Sciences, certificates of associate professors, patents for utility models were awarded.
In his closing remarks, the Chairman of the Academic Council thanked everyone for their conscientious work throughout the year. He reiterated that the leadership is constantly working on new ideas for social policy, looking for new motivations to realize the scientific potential of all scientists, especially young people. He wished everyone health, well-being and harmony in the new 2021 year.