Google Scholar as a self-presentation of research productivity of ONMedU scientists

The library conducted a study of the Google Scholar search engine.

During the work, a large number of scientific works of ONMedU scientists were discovered. But, despite the high publishing activity, the academic scientific statistics of the authors is unattainable due to the lack of author profiles.

Only 8 out of 130 ONMedU scientists, whose works are presented on Google Scholar, can get the rating statistics required for each scientist – the number of robots and links, the H-index. Namely, the presence of a scientist’s profile on Google Scholar allows you to get the full range of scientific publishing activity of the author.

In terms of real citation rates for Ukrainian-language authors, Google Scholar is interested in processing a large number of publications in Ukrainian. Implementing the slogan “Standing on the shoulders of giants” in practice, Google Scholar allows you to find scientific papers from peer-reviewed sources, including electronic, in all languages ​​operated by the system. In addition to such an indisputable advantage as real citation statistics, Google Scholar has a simpler and friendlier interface and is a free resource.

Based on that, we strongly recommend ONMedU researchers to create author profiles on the Google Scholar search platform as soon as possible and make them open for acquaintance and analysis.

For questions related to the operation of the Google Scholar platform, please call 067 278 31 69 Yuriy Hryhorovych