Congratulations of the rector of ONMedU Valerii Zaporozhan on the Day of Science of Ukraine

On May 21, 2022, our country celebrates Science Day – a professional holiday for scientists, researchers, teachers and all those whose activities are in one way or another related to scientific work.

For more than 120 years of its history, Odessa National Medical University has become world-famous for its scientific activities and significant achievements of scientists who have written golden pages in the history of medicine and gained prestige and respect in many countries.

Together with other branches of science, medicine is of great humanistic and social importance. Continuous scientific research and then the development of the latest treatments and effective drugs provide an opportunity to overcome the disease and thus restore the health of our citizens.

We are proud of our “golden fund” – academicians and professors, associate professors and senior lecturers, as well as the younger generation – graduate students and candidates of science, doctors of philosophy, who successfully defend dissertations on topical issues of medicine.

We are proud that the Student Scientific Society and the Society of Young Scientists, on which we have high hopes, have always worked actively at ONMedU. Hard work, and genuine interest in research topics, allow students and young scientists to participate in scientific conferences at our university, as well as in international events, to receive diplomas and awards. The annual traditional conference of students and young scientists “Modern theoretical and practical aspects of clinical medicine” is a real celebration of young science and a stimulus for further research, the first steps into the great world of science.

Today our country is going through difficult and disturbing times. However, this gives us even more strength and desire to preserve the national achievements of medical science and long-standing traditions.

Dear colleagues, professors, associate professors, graduate students, and students! Thank you very much for your dedication to medicine, inexhaustible search and preservation of all the heritage that was created by previous generations of scientists and went down in history.

I wish you peace and clear skies, stability, health, inspiration and fruitful work in the name of our state – Ukraine, for the health and well-being of everyone.


Sincerely yours, Academician Valerii ZAPOROZHAN