Embroidery Day at ONMedU 2022

Ukrainian embroidered shirt is a shrine of the people, a symbol of spiritual wealth, wisdom, happiness, love and family memory.

This year, the Day of Embroidery fell on May 19, and on the last days of the week teachers of the Department of Social Sciences dedicated to events dedicated to this holiday.

Students got acquainted with the history of Ukrainian embroidery, watched videos and presentations and discussed the reproduction of traditions in the modern world and the value of embroidery not only for the Ukrainian people but also for the world community.

For foreign students, teachers prepared presentations and a review of the cathedral’s collection of folk costumes and photo celebrations by university students in recent years.

A beautifully embroidered shirt from ancient times is the identifier of a Ukrainian, it is our DNA of the nation.

Review of the collection of folk costumes of the department of Social Sciences of ONMedU