To the International Museum Day

“Whatever house I enter, I will go there for the benefit of the patient” – such an inscription can be seen on the exhibit in the Museum of History of ONMedU, which revives the past of our university. Museums preserve the memory and history of the people, the cultural heritage of our ancestors, and enrich the spiritual world of new generations.

On May 18, the museum of the world celebrates International Museum Day. It has been held annually since 1977 by the decision of the General Conference of the International Council of Museums and is an occasion to raise awareness of the importance of museums in the development of culture.

Traditionally, in the warm months of the year, the Department of Social Sciences organized visits of students to museums. Unfortunately, the quarantine period and martial law became an obstacle to a face-to-face acquaintance, but the teachers – headteacher Shanina O.S., associate professors Kulachynsky M.M., Podkupko T.L., Uvarova O.O. – happily remembered the interesting excursions conducted during this academic year by the head of the Museum of History of ONMedU Levitska T.M. and employees of Odessa Art Museum and the Department of Rare Publications and Manuscripts of the Odessa National Scientific Library.

The head of the Department of Social Sciences, Associate Professor Sikorska O.O. remotely held on May 18 conversations on the Day of Museums with first-year students of the Faculty of Dentistry groups 1 and 2.

The Department of Social Sciences welcomes university colleagues who carefully preserve the collections of historical, anatomical and pathological museums and promote knowledge through them.

ONMedU congratulates all the custodians of universal culture and national values ​​on their professional holiday!