Advantages of Training on ONMedU Simulation Equipment

Reformation and modernization of the health care sector, constant severization of requirements for the quality of medical care to the population make doctors and medical staff in general have a thorough knowledge not only of the theoretical basis, but also to have some practical experience. While studying at a medical institution (higher or secondary), students almost always experience a lack of practical training. There are a number of obstacles to this – the inability to reproduce most of practical manipulations, the lack of thematic patients, ethical and deontological, moral, ethical and legal limitations in the relationship between students and patients. Therefore, the most important tasks of modern secondary, higher and postgraduate medical education are to create conditions for quality training of highly qualified specialists in various medical fields, practice and consolidate practical skills without risk of harm to the patient and develop the ability to make quick decisions and perform most manipulations and interventions. In this regard, introduction of simulation training as one of the basic, a wide range of simulators for practical skills with a high level of realism, computer and virtual modeling of various clinical situations is a new direction in the modern domestic school of training highly qualified and middle level medical personnel.
Advantages of simulation training:
– Clinical experience in a virtual environment without risk to the patient;
– Objective assessment of the achieved level of the skill;
– Unlimited repetitions to practice skills;
– Practice of actions in rare and life-threatening pathologies;
– Virtual takes over a part of the instructor’s functions;
– Reduced stress during the first independent manipulations;
– The training takes place regardless of the clinic’s work schedule;
– Development of both individual skills and abilities of team interaction.