A noble and honorable mission: Donor Day at ONMedU 2024

The third year of the war is going on. Our courageous defenders defend the Ukrainian land from the enemy invasion, regardless of danger. Unfortunately, many soldiers are seriously injured while shedding their blood for Ukraine.

And in the past, a person who shared his blood to save a sick person was respected in society. In the conditions of war, the importance of donation increases many times. Statistics show that one donor can save the lives of three people.

Donor blood is almost the only means of saving the life of a wounded soldier. Civilians, peaceful people who become victims of enemy attacks in cities and villages in wartime are in dire need of this priceless gift of nature.

On April 24, another Donor Day was held at ONMedU, during which students of all faculties and employees of the Multidisciplinary Medical Center donated blood for defenders of Ukraine.

Thank you all so much for your noble deed! There is no greater moral satisfaction in the world than recognizing your personal involvement in the noble cause of saving the life and health of wounded soldiers, people who have been in an accident, a newborn child or an elderly man, and in general all patients whose fate depends on a particle of your blood.