World Health Day

World Health Day is an important event celebrated every year on April 7. In the modern conditions of Ukraine, which has been suffering from the military invasion for more than two years, the celebration of this day has become especially significant.

Despite the difficult situation associated with military actions and their consequences, it is important to remember the importance of health for each person. This is physical, mental and social well-being, which is the foundation for a full life and development.

On this day, we medical professionals should focus not only on treating physical injuries, but also on maintaining the mental health of our patients and, just as importantly, our fellow doctors and all medical staff. After all, military operations and constant stress have a negative impact on people’s mental health.

We must do everything we can to ensure access to health care for everyone, regardless of their location. Even in times of the war, we must strive to ensure equal access to quality medicine and care.

An important aspect of the celebration of this day is to increase the awareness and education of the population in the field of health: programs for the prevention of diseases, support for psychological health and a healthy lifestyle should remain relevant and continuous.

World Health Day in Wartime should be a way to emphasize our firm will and our commitment to restore and maintain health and well-being for our population.
Let today’s celebration of World Health Day be an opportunity to interact, share experiences and solve common problems and challenges we face in this difficult time. Take care of yourself and others!

And remember that health is such a great value that cannot be compared with anything else!