The Department of Social Sciences Held “Shevchenko Days”


The staff of the Department of Social Sciences headed by  associate professor O.O. Sikorska traditionally organizes “Shevchenko Days”  in the beginning of March. This event is dedicated to the outstanding Ukrainian poet, artist, public figure, man of universal gifts – T.G. Shevchenko, who devoted his life to the worship of the culture and history of Ukraine.

On March 2, a poem flashmob was held with the 1st year students of the 3rd group of Medical Faculty № 2 (teacher – associate professor Podkupko-Dyachkova T.L). Students prepared poems of Kobzar, told why this or that work had come to mind.

On March 5, during a lecture on the History of Ukraine and Ukrainian Culture, 1st year students of  groups 7-9 (Eng., Faculty of Dentistry) of the International Faculty (teacher – associate professor Uvarova O.O.) were informed about the figure of the prominent Ukrainian poet T.G. Shechenko. In their turn, foreign students shared their vision of the contribution of famous people to the development of national culture and statehood of their countries.

On March 10, during a lecture on the History of Ukraine and Ukrainian Culture, students of the 1-2 groups of the Faculty of Dentistry (teacher – associate professor Uvarova O.O.) mentioned the activity of the artist in a creative essay on the topic “Shevchenko’s word”.

On March 11, a discussion was held with students of group 6 of Medical Faculty № 2 (teacher – associate professor Uvarova O.O.) on the role of T.G. Shevchenko in the formation of the Ukrainian nation.

Reports about T.G. Shevchenko were prepared for the students by teachers Shanina O.S., Kulachinsky M.M., Chernyata N.O..

Taras Shevchenko’s poems are an inexhaustible source of wisdom. Shevchenko’s poetry, written over a century ago, is still relevant.