Signing of a cooperation agreement between ONAFT and ONMedU

On July 7, 2017 in Odessa, signing of a cooperation agreement between Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies and Odessa National Medical University took place.

The purpose of creation of the project and its mission is to promote prolongation of life and improvement of its quality, as well as improvement of nutrition of the population of Odessa, Odessa region and Ukraine.

Deterioration of the ecological state in Ukraine, catastrophic depletion of soils and mineral resources due to unprecedented pollution of the Earth’s surface, intensive growth of the population of the planet and the development of scientific and technological progress in recent years have led to a significant deterioration in the nutritional status of the Ukrainian population. It is the necessity to meet the ever-increasing needs of people, which has led to changes in production facilities, equipment and technology, assortment of products and quality of food. Food rations for different groups of people have ceased meeting the requirements of normal functioning of the human body, which has led to changes in the morbidity patterns of the population. The joint work of Odessa National Medical University team and Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies is aimed at developing recommendations for the adaptation of dietary plans to changing environmental factors, living conditions and needs, taking into account traditional preferences and recommendations of the European Union scientists.

In order to realize the mission of the project, it is planned to create a general information portal (a WEB-site, a page on “Facebook”);

to hold events (consultations, training, master classes) on healthy eating (“The Club of Healthy Eating”);

to conduct public actions and campaigns aimed at informing students, school youth, as well as people of Odessa and Odessa region about the quality of modern food products, especially healthy eating habits;

to provide timely and targeted information on the risks associated with malnutrition and food safety for all consumers and for specific subgroups (allergic people, gluten-free individuals, lactoproducts, etc.);

to take measures to reduce social pressure, especially among children, adolescents and students, related to advertising of specific food products (chips, coca-cola, fast-food products, etc.);

to develop a healthy individualized nutrition program for the inhabitants of Odessa.

The development of cooperation foresees establishment of a Scientific Consortium and the “Odessa Medical Center for Healthy Nutrition” in the near future.