ONMedU became the first Ukrainian university to join the partner group of the HEI4Future project

Dear teachers, students, graduate students and scientists!

We are glad to announce that ONMedU became the first Ukrainian university to join the partner group of the HEI4Future project. This is a very interesting initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), co-financed by the European Union. It is aimed at finding innovative ideas, implementing them and developing entrepreneurial skills among students, graduate students, teachers, and scientists. The project requires the participation of as many members of our team as possible. A huge number of events are planned within the framework of this agreement: webinars, online sessions, conferences, meetings, so-called Jam design sessions, designed for a whole day of fun and fruitful work, at the end of which ideas will appear that are expected to be useful not only for the participants themselves, but also for the university as a whole, different social groups, and even for our city.

Briefly about the HEI4Future project


HEI4Future focuses on entrepreneurial and innovation capabilities of HEI trough co-designed processes, open innovation and soft skills. The project aims to turn the technological capacities into new skills, to generate new products and services working together with different industries.


Through a wide range of activities to promote entrepreneurship [e.g., training workshops for teachers and educational staff, students, managers and new entrepreneurs], workshops for teambuilding, direct support through mentoring or coach networks, and mobility programs to promote synergies between teams of entrepreneurs


Universidade de Vigo (Spain)University of Elbasan “Aleksandr Xhuvani“ (Albania)

Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal)

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

University College of Northern Denmark (Denmark)

PowerHub, z.u. (Czechia)

Odessa National Medical University (Ukraine) 

What make us most excited about HEI4Future?

  1. Strengthen technology transfer processes between HEIs and businesses ecosystems to turn ideas into value for a smarter and more sustainable European Economy
  2. Diverse consortium, with different types of entities from 6 countries, dissimilar cultural background and degree of maturity in the institutional environment but aligned in a shared objective
  3. Proposition of an Open Innovation Model in the educational field able to foster hybridization from key European productive systems| advanced mobility, health and nutrition and manufacturing

Expected outcomes in HEI4FUTURE

  •  Raising awareness on entrepreneurship and innovation among academic staff and students
  • Strengthening knowledge and technology transfer processes and increasing their capacity
  • Introducing new entrepreneurship teaching modules for students and staff
  • Establishing a worldwide network of collaborating universities, businesses, research organisations, governmental bodies, nongovernment organisations, and other social partner’s collaboration bridging HEIs, regional ecosystems and services of EIT KICs
  • Engaging associated partners from different countries and sectors, filling all the roles of the entrepreneurial education value chain
  • Achieving effective collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship, participatory engagement, and co-creation in a digital environment
  • Controlling and evaluating the project and its impact, both during its execution and afterwards

Target groups in HEI4FUTURE

  • High Education Institutions (HEI)
  • Students from the participating HEIs and other centers
  • Teachers and researchers
  • Staff
  • Companies of the mobility, health and manufacturing ecosystems
  • Entrepreneurs participating in the project with initiatives related to the fields of advanced mobility, health and food and manufacturing
  • Institutions that offer support services for entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity (business incubators, technology centers, accelerators, fab labs, etc.)

Thematic orientations of HEI4FUTURE

The project will address innovation, entrepreneurship and technology transfer in three ecosystems:

  • Advanced mobility (electric, shared, autonomous and connected),
  • Health (with a focus on silver economy and nutrition)
  • Manufacturing

Activities to be developed in HEI4FUTURE

  • Educational innovation groups
  • Training of trainers for researchers and staff
  • Entrepreneurship School and 3Days Startup
  • Jam Design
  • Hackathons
  • Exchanges of participants (mobility program)
  • Bootcamps
  • Living labs
  • Workshops and training days for entrepreneurs
  • Webinar on fundamental concepts for successful entrepreneurship
  • Virtual networks

Those who plan to live, work and make correct, non-standard decisions in the new, progressive reality and be able to use their international experience in the development processes of Ukraine, are invited to participate in the project.

The bright ideas Bank is OPEN! Any thoughts and views on the topics provided above are accepted at the e-mail address: [email protected]