Scientific-Practical Conference “Urgent Issues of Dermatology”

Despite significant progress in oncology, melanoma of the skin remains one of the unsolved problems of modern medicine. On May 18-19, the scientific and practical conference “Urgent Issues of Dermatology” with international participation, in particular specialists from Germany, Italy, was held in Kyiv.

The head of the surgical department, oncology surgeon Vyacheslav Yevgeniyovych Maximovsky participated as a moderator of the section session, and reported on the current treatment options for locally advanced limb melanoma, in particular about isolated regional chemo-perfusion of the limbs (ILP), he shared the experience of the University Clinic. It should be recalled that thanks to the efforts of the rector of ONMedU Valeriy Mykolaiovych Zaporozhan, the head of the oncology department Oleksandr Ivanovich Tkachenko, the director of the clinic Tatyana Mykolaivna Muratova, the University Clinic has been able to conduct a high-tech operation, which became an alternative to amputation of the limbs for patients with abnormal stages of melanoma since 2016.

It would have been impossible without the help of the head of the department D.M.Osadchy, the true friends of our department V.V.Moskovchenko, Umberto Carletti, vascular surgeons M.V.Chekhlov, A.M.Ryabokon, anesthesiologists O.O Duzenko, K.В.Bosenko, and many other employees of the clinic.