Congratulations of the rector of ONMedU Valerii Zaporozhan on the occasion of the All-Ukrainian Day of Libraries

The All-Ukrainian Day of Libraries, traditionally celebrated in Ukraine in September, testifies to the nation’s deep respect for culture, education, spiritual heritage and, undoubtedly, the recognition of the great role played in the state by such a respected institution as the library.

The responsible work of a librarian opens the way to a book – a source of original wisdom and knowledge! Satisfying the scientific and cultural needs of our university staff and students, the librarian provides an inseparable link between the past and present, obtaining a complete overview of information from around the world, helps to raise the intellectual level of the university community.

At the same time, a librarian is a guardian of knowledge, a person who takes care of the preservation of cultural, technological and historical achievements of human civilization.

During the difficult quarantine conditions of 2020−2021, you were able to completely change your work into a format of remote services to support the educational and research processes of our university.

You are our reliable flagship in the sea of ​​up-to-date scientific and medical information.

I thank you for your hard work, responsibility, reliability and loyalty to the chosen profession, multifaceted noble activity, active public position, high level of professionalism and initiative in the difficult work of honor.

Accept my sincere wishes for good health, happiness, well-being, and harmony in your families. Energy to you and creative inspiration, further success in your noble educational work for the benefit of the development of Odessa National Medical University!