Another unique operation was performed at the University Clinic

Primary cytoreductive surgery for ovarian cancer today is one of the most complex surgical interventions in modern oncology and in oncology and gynaecology in particular. In the leading European and North American oncology centres, these operations are necessarily accompanied by the use of the HIPEC technique (intra-abdominal hyperthermic chemotherapy), which significantly improves the prognosis of the disease and probably increases the survival rate of patients. To date, the frequency of such operations in Ukraine does not exceed 15%.

On July 8, 2022, at the ONMedU University Clinic, the head of the surgical department, associate professor V. E. Maksimovsky and professor of the department of radiodiagnostics, therapy, radiation medicine and oncology A. I. Rybin once again performed such an operation on a 44-year-old patient who came to our clinics from the city of Kyiv. The operation lasted about 9 hours and was carried out in the following scope: laparotomy, complete cytoreduction (SS-0), selective pelvic peritonectomy, extirpation of the uterus with appendages, omentectomy, appendectomy, obstructive resection of the upper ampullary part of the intestine and formation of the terminal sigmoid, selective parietal peritonectomy of the right subdiaphragmatic subhepatic space, resection of the diaphragm, argon plasma coagulation of foci of carcinomatosis of the subdiaphragmatic area and subhepatic space, lymphadenectomy, HIPEC (cisplatin 84 mg, doxorubicin 25 mg).

Today the patient feels satisfactory.

It should be noted that such unique operations with the use of modern top methods of treating cancer patients and state-of-the-art equipment became possible thanks to the leadership of Odesa National Medical University and the rector of ONMedU academician V. M. Zaporozhan, on whose initiative the University Clinic has diagnostic and treatment equipment at the level of the world’s leading oncology centres.