The ONMedU University Clinic presents a new approach to the organization of medical care — simultaneous operations

The Center for Reconstructive and Restorative Medicine (University Clinic) of Odesa National Medical University presents a new unique personalized approach to the organization of modern oncological care — simultaneous operations for patients with primary-multiple synchronous oncological pathology.

Today, simultaneous operations in oncology all over the world are the top and most modern method of treating oncological patients, which is used in leading clinics in Europe and North America. With simultaneous surgery, surgical interventions take place both alternately and simultaneously, which directly depends on the tasks, operated organs and indications. Single-stage surgery allows for the treatment of several health problems in one operation.

And today, thanks to a qualified team of professionals, state-of-the-art equipment and compliance with high international standards, one-moment operations have become an integral part of life for surgeons and patients of the University Clinic of ONMedU.

A 38-year-old female patient came to us from the city of Kyiv for primary and multiple synchronous left breast cancer and endometrial cancer.

On July 15, 2022, O. V. Bondar, professor of the department of radiodiagnostics, therapy, radiation medicine and oncology, mammologist surgeon of the highest category, and A. I. Rybin, professor of the department of radiation diagnostics, therapy, radiation medicine and oncology, oncogynecologist of the highest category, performed a unique simultaneous surgery in the scope of: 1) oncoplastic quadrantectomy of the left mammary gland with an evaluation of the resection margins and plasty with a Licap flap and biopsy of the sentinel lymph node using the FLUOBEAM 800 imaging system, symmetrizing reduction mammoplasty on the right; laparotomy according to Pfannenstiel; 2) extirpation of the uterus with appendages.

Thanks to this amount of surgical intervention, the patient was simultaneously freed from tumor changes in the body of two localizations (breast cancer and endometrial cancer), and also received a new life for her mammary gland thanks to plastic surgery with her own tissues.

She feels well and is very grateful to the medical staff for providing highly qualified care.

Special thanks must be given to the leadership of Odessa National Medical University for the possibility of performing operations of this kind thanks to the availability of all the necessary conditions and the most modern treatment and diagnostic technologies at the European level, which allows employees to implement the most modern global approaches and top methods for the treatment of oncological patients in our region at the level of leading world cancer centres.