6th International Scientific Conference “Man as Integrity: Human, Extrahuman, Superhuman”

On October 19, 2023, the VI International Scientific Conference “Man as Integrity: Human, Extrahuman, Superhuman” took place (in remote form). The organizers were: the Department of Philosophy, Bioethics and Foreign Languages of Odesa National Medical University, the International Academy of Psychosynergy and Alfology, the Departments of Philosophy and General Psychology and Psychology of Personality Development of I. I. Mechnikov Odesa National University, as well as KU “Odesa City Health Center » Odesa City Council. The conference has been included in the register of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for several years.

The goal of the conference was and will remain for the future the involvement of the scientific community in the transdisciplinary discussion on the problems of human existence, the stimulation and support of science in Ukraine, the development of international cooperation. 74 participants from six countries took part in the conference: Ukraine, Great Britain, Iraq, China, Moldova, Poland. A number of theoretical and practical issues of the personal and social life of a person were considered within the framework of modern social-humanitarian and natural-scientific discourses at sectional meetings in the following areas:

Anthropological dimension of modern knowledge.
The paradox of the limits of human existence.
Metaphysical and philosophical-methodological reflections on the human, extrahuman, superhuman.
Problems of human integrity in extreme conditions. Man in war conditions.
Temporal aspects of human existence.
Anthropological problems of modern medicine. Health and its components in the context of modern challenges.
The philosophy and psychology of transprofessionalism: the potential for self-realization of an educated person.
Legal dimension of the limits of human existence and activity.
Problems of training future specialists in the context of anthropological crisis.
As part of the conference, a meeting of the Round Table devoted to the activities of the Brussels Scientific School took place.

Based on the results of the 5th International Scientific Conference “Man as Integrity: Human, Extrahuman, Superhuman”, a collection of materials is scheduled to be published (expected at the end of December 2023).