Appeal to graduates

According to experts, only 10-15% of domestic universities graduates want to participate in the life of the university after graduation. It is possible to increase this share, but this requires a change in attitudes towards the status of higher education institutions. When they will be perceived not only as providers of educational services by our society, but first of all as prestigious, even elitist communities that determine the way of thinking of their students, and hence the future of socio-economic development of the country.

Our university is one of the oldest universities in Ukraine. It takes leading positions in the ranking of higher education institutions in our country. For more than a century, the glorious graduates of the university have served the people, science and the country. The leaders of medical and pedagogical science, social and state-level activities are among them.

We are proud of our university, where the world-famous school of pathologists, therapeutic and ophthalmological schools were born, future outstanding scientists and doctors sat at these desks.

As a part of the implementation of the Perspective Plan for the Development of ONMedU International Cooperation, we strive to establish and maintain regular contacts with foreign citizens – graduates of our university, including those who continue to work and hold official positions in education and health systems of their countries. Cooperation with them in the format of the International Association of ONMedU Alumni will help to expand international partnerships and promote the interests of our university at the international level.

We invite you to take an active part in the life of the university in order to promote its development, increase the rating and competitiveness.

We invite those of you whose destiny and career have developed thanks to ONMedU, those who are proud to have lived and studied in Odessa, namely in such a glorious university; those who want to give a decent education to their children – to join ONMedU International Alumni Association!

Hurry up to join ONMedU Alumni Team!

 Any suggestions, questions or comments regarding future activity, statute, goals and objectives of “INTERNATIONAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ODESSA NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERCITY”

will be highly appreciated. Please write to our e-mail address: [email protected]   or let’s discuss on the page  “Public Discussion”

We’re always open for any feedback!

More information is available at: Project of ONMedU International Alumni Association