Congratulations on the Day of the Defender of Ukraine!

Dear colleagues, compatriots, fellow citizens! On October 14, we celebrate an important holiday – the Day of the Defender of Ukraine. It was founded 7 years ago, but immediately became national, unifying and popular. This is not surprising, because it contains the connection of generations, history, rich traditions and the spirit of our people – unbreakable, free and strong.

On this day, we remember all those who fought for Ukraine, who gave and still give their lives for the Motherland. We remember with gratitude, pride and sadness. Eternal memory and eternal honor to the Heroes of Ukraine. Among them are not only soldiers, volunteers, chaplains, but also military doctors, nurses, paramedics. People with a big heart and immeasurable courage. They work in the most difficult conditions, make instant decisions and save lives, risking their own. Many graduates of Odessa National Medical University have chosen this path.

Over the last two years, the circle of our defenders has become wider. Thousands of doctors, nurses and medical personnel are defending the country from the non-military threat of the Covid-19 pandemic. Like their colleagues at the front, risking their own health and lives without weekends and breaks.

The best thanks for their courage and heroism is our responsible attitude to the country and our own lives. After all, big victories are always a set of small ones. In education, in professional activity, in development of native settlements and cities. Each of us at our level can be involved in great changes.

I sincerely wish all the defenders of Ukraine good health for many years to come. Be confident in the future, feel the brotherhood and support, make plans and make dreams come true. I wish all Ukrainians inspiration, peace and victories!


Rector of ONMedU, Academician Valerii Zaporozhan