The meeting of the “Discussion Club” will take place on March 31, 2021.

Dear colleagues!
We are pleased to announce that despite all the obstacles due to quarantine restrictions, we are close to you and will continue to saturate the minds of those interested with useful and interesting information, provide opportunities for free communication and discussion on all topics of concern. Listening to the feedback of our listeners, this spring we are spreading the list of events held under the auspices of the “Discussion Club” project. From now on, there are twice as many sessions – meetings in Ukrainian and English separately!

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Training and Production Complex of Innovative Technologies of Training, Informatization, Continuing Education and Internal Monitoring of Education Quality together with the Commission on Bioethics and Academic Integrity of ONMedU invites everyone to a meeting on March 31, 2021 (next Wednesday) at 2pm, based on the Microsoft Teams platform. The topic of the meeting is “Academic honesty as a guarantee of global recognition of domestic science: the example of ONMedU.”
All participants have the opportunity to communicate with experts of the University, to determine the standards and norms of quality of scientific works, cases of dishonesty and punishment from their own experience of representatives of the University, young scientists and students-scientists. The performance of the Chairman of the Commission, Professor N.A. Matsigora on the topic of the meeting is expected as a bonus.
We kindly ask everyone to participate in the online form of the “Discussion Club” to contact us in advance by following the link on Facebook:
or Instagram:
and establish the recommended equipment: constant connection to the Internet, headphones, video communication, active University account in Microsoft Teams

Are waiting for you.
See you!

The program of the event on 31.03.21
14: 00-14: 10 Organizational moments.
14: 10-14: 15 Acquaintance of those present.
14: 15-14: 20 Welcoming speech of the organizers. Opening of the event. Agenda.
14: 20-14: 50 Speech of the Chairman of the commission prof. N.A. Matsigora
14: 50-15: 15 Discussion
15: 15-15: 45 Cases of dishonesty and ways to overcome them at the departments of the University
15: 45-16: 15 Discussion, answers of experts in any form
16: 15-16: 25 Closing remarks. Announcement of the date and topics of the next meeting.
16: 25-16: 30 Remarks and wishes.