We embroider Ukraine with science

The project “Embroidering Ukraine with science” has been launched, one of the curators of which is an associate member of the Council of the Association of Young Scientists of ONMedU, PhD, assistant of the department of physical rehabilitation, sports medicine, physical education and valeology, doctor of sports medicine and physical and rehabilitation medicine Olena Vyacheslavivna Filonenko.

The project was initiated by the MU Council under the MES and coordinated by the MU Council under the OOVA. Participants from ONMedU were Filonenko O.V., Dobrovolskyi A.L., Maznichenko E.O., Zaretska A.V. and Lysenko A.G., Eliseeva E.O., Osintseva V.I. It is planned to create an embroidered map of Ukraine measuring 3×5 m, which will be decorated with a frame. For this, you will need almost 7 km of threads of different colors, divided into three parts each. To create 2,000,000 embroidery elements, 50–100 craftswomen and master scientists from all areas will participate. The word of honor for the official start of the project was given to the head of OOVA Maksym Mykhailovych Marchenko.

The head of Odesa Regional Council Hryhoriy Vitaliyovych Didenko and the director of the Department of Education and Science of Odesa Regional State Administration Oleksandr Anatoliyovych Lonchak also addressed the young scientists.

Distinguished guests made the first crosses on the canvas of the Odesa region and in their lives.

Great respect and thanks to all participants of the event!