We don’t stop working – we start the day with the question HOW ARE YOU?

No matter how hard it is, there are always those who are much worse off. From the first days of the war, Andrii joined the ranks of the Armed Forces. He works on one of the most difficult areas of the front. Got a vacation — visited the Motherland, met with friends, one of whom, Nikita, works in the rear. He is a volunteer, an incredibly positive person. Under his care there are many families in  Kherson region and children who do not have relatives, but have found shelter in the children’s department of the Children’s Hospital . Together with members of Student’s Scientific Society (SSS) and teachers of the department of psychiatry, narcology, medical psychology and psychotherapy, he visits children, and it’s always a holiday!

Today was a special day – together with the soldier Andriy, they visited those who do not have a family. Fruits, goodies, games, sports competitions. The children were happy to communicate with a real warrior — they sang Red Viburnum, boasted about their drawings, and played the piano. Another moment that will be remembered forever.

I would like to gratefully acknowledge the organizer of the event within the framework of the HOW ARE YOU? project — the coordinator of the volunteer movement Vira Domuschi, an active member of the SSS department of the 2nd year student Oleh Myakishev. Special thanks to our soldier Andrii and volunteer Nikita.