September 20 is World Gynecological Cancer Day

This day was launched in 2019 on the initiative of the Association of European Gynecological Oncologists (ESGO).

A huge number of patients with various types of gynecological cancer has forced the medical community and the public to take all possible steps to increase awareness among women about prevention, early detection, understanding the symptoms of the disease and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

By far, gynecological cancers are one of the most common types of cancer. They affect approximately 98 thousand women in the USA, in Europe 58 thousand cases of cervical cancer are detected annually, which is the most common among other types (43%), 22% – ovarian cancer, 30% – endometrial cancer.

However, the general level of women’s awareness of these terrible diseases remains at a low level.

Specialists believe that a third of all cases of gynecological cancer can be prevented if timely and regular examinations are carried out. Therefore, World Gynecological Cancer Day is aimed at increasing women’s awareness of risk factors and taking particular steps to preserve their own health.

On this day, specialists of the scientific and clinical department of neoplasms of the female reproductive system of the National Cancer Institute of the National Cancer Institute joined the celebration of the World Day against gynecological cancer and reminded their esteemed colleagues that the victory over a terrible disease is a timely diagnosis, solidarity and painstaking coordinated work of the entire team of doctors with the aim of returning women to health, the opportunity to work, study and enjoy life.