Ulyana Suprun has listed a list of international internships for senior medical students

  1. Work the World
    Work the world is an expert in healthcare abroad. Specializing in individual placements, this provider offers medical, nursing, dentistry, radiology, physiotherapy and obstetric internships. Internship locations are from Philippines to Peru. A wide range of clinical opportunities is available in developing countries. The program includes fully individual accommodation, private accommodation with other students, local language lessons, round-the-clock support in the country from a team of local professionals, including the “legendary” chef preparing food.
  2. ELI Abroad
    The organization, which provides one of the best medical internships for students, annually sends thousands of young medical workers abroad to ELI Abroad. Their practical direction varies from medical and veterinary science to nutrition and public health, and they are known for their price availability. The cost includes accommodation with a local family, or in a shared flat or in a hostel. Most places include meals and local language courses.
  3. World Internships
    You can guess by the name of this program that it offers quite intense training options. The World Internships program offers both therapeutic and obstetric internships in ten different countries, based on hospitals, clinics or international medical centers. Some bases for internships offer even special medical training.World Internships programs are really aimed at attracting local communities, so trainees can rely on work both at the medical institution itself and beyond, and participate in public health projects. The cost of the program includes housing in a family home or housing, depending on the country. Even small scholarships are offered to help participants cover the costs of the program itself.
  4. Cross-Cultural Solutions
    By paying more attention to environmental protection and education, Cross Cultural Solutions offers internships in Global Health for six weeks every year in India, Peru, Guatemala, Tanzania and Ghana. Internships are aimed at building a sustainable public health and community education system, with particular emphasis on access to water, sanitation and cleanliness, and the lack of educational resources for those struggling with malaria and HIV. The cost of the program includes sharing accommodation with other program participants and meals from the local chef.
  5. Projects Abroad
    Project Abroad, a leader in the volunteer world also offers many internships in healthcare. This program is especially useful for students, since trainees can then use their experience to obtain a university loan. Since these internships are aimed at students, the focus is on the development of new experiences, accordingly, does not require prior practice in this area.                                                                                                                                Interns have a choice between nursing, obstetrician, dental, therapeutic, pharmaceutical profile. They will be able to observe local health workers working in hospitals and clinics. Cost includes accommodation, meals, health insurance, visa support (if applicable) and transport related to work.
  6. Czech Hospital Placements
    This traineeship route is very specific and ideal for those looking for a new experience. Czech Hospital Placements are specifically designed to provide real-life expertise in one of the largest hospitals in Europe in cooperation with Czech doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, etc. Unlike most professional internships, this organization provides trainees with training materials related to each specialization, so that participants are as prepared as possible before arriving at a health institution.                                                                                                                 The internship is open to any English-speaking student aged from 17 to 26 years. Short-term classes are offered throughout the year. The program includes practice in a health institution for at least 25 hours a week, accommodation in one of the Prague districts, nutrition, training materials and on-site teaching aids. Enjoy the fast paced learning and tracking of professionals during surgery, treatment and patient interaction!
  7. Volunteering Journeys
    Volunteering Journeys offer medical traineeships for students and medical professionals in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Peru. Within four weeks, these internships will be aimed at getting as much practical experience as possible, completely immersed in a new culture. Interns have a choice between going through internships in city clinics and in health facilities in neighboring villages. Accommodation and meals are included in the cost of the program.
  8. Child Family Health International
    Among 30 different health programs in ten countries, Child Family Health International is a champion when it comes to internships for students abroad. This program combines all types of medical services, not only with clinical practice, but also with social, social services, human resources, through internships, medical optional courses, outpatient rotations, service training, and global health standards on a global scale. Each base for internship adapts to the level of education of the student as well as to general interests and goals.

It should be emphasized separately that in the case when the student really gets an opportunity to study such programs, it will be necessary for him to create extremely high working conditions in advance, as with greater knowledge – a greater demand for doctors in developed countries, where there is also a shortage of personnel.