To the birthday of the outstanding poetess Lesia Ukrainka


The word, you are my only weapon!

Lesia Ukrainka

February 25 marks the 152nd anniversary of the birth of the outstanding poet, playwright and translator Lesia Ukrainka, whose main theme in her work is the national liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people and confidence in victory. Also, the source of Lesia Ukrainka’s creativity was her own experience, which prompted the creation of extremely beautiful, lyrically deep works full of emotional drama and psychologism.

Lesia Ukrainka’s creativity, filled with her own innovative methods and ideas, combined the best traditions of Ukrainian literature with the achievements of European poetry. Lesia translated Homer, Dante, Shakespeare, Heine, Byron into Ukrainian, the poet became a collector of Ukrainian folklore, preserved it for posterity.

The life of Lesia Ukrainka, who overcame the disease for a long time, is a struggle, not suffering, it is tireless work and the ability to achieve the set goal.

The poet’s biography and work were discussed these days in conversations with winners at the classes of the Department of Social Sciences. Teachers prepared informative reports, winners made presentations, recited poems.

Today, the word of the great poetess gives strength more than ever!

 The information was prepared by
the Associate Professor of the Department of Social Sciences
Olena Uvarova