In a professional circle!

On February 22-23, 2023, the All-Ukrainian multidisciplinary scientific and practical conference “Linguoecology: the language of medicine” was held in Lviv.

Employees of the department of social sciences joined this event, because the problem of “medical language” is an important issue today. Doctor of Philology, Professor Maria Druzhynets gave a scientific report at the plenary session. The head of the department, candidate of philology, associate professor Olha Sikorska and teacher Antonina Khanetska presented the article “Establishment and problems of Ukrainian medical terminology” within the section “Culture of term usage and revival of the national language tradition in medicine. Functioning of medical terms in different text types”.

For two days, scientists discussed the language issue in medicine. The conference program had a wide range of discussions, which included studies on the role of preserving the national uniqueness of the language of medicine, its connection with the ethnic axiosphere; ensuring its purity, compliance with the national way of thinking of the Ukrainians.