The whole truth about drugs

Given the current situation, there is a threat that young people can relieve stress and tension by using alcohol and drugs. Therefore, in order to prevent the problem of alcohol and drug addiction among young people in the future, the public organization “Narconon” offers to listen to the lecture “The whole truth about drugs” delivered by an active soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Valery Markus, and to read the electronic brochure “10 accurate facts about drugs”.

The public organization “Narconon” works with people who have fallen into drug or alcohol addiction. It helps such people adapt in society and cope with problems without using drugs and alcohol.

The rehabilitation center has been operating since 2007, since then it has been providing the Narconon program, known throughout the world for more than 60 years. The effectiveness of the program is 70%, i.e., 7 out of 10 people who applied to the center, after the end of the program, begin to live a full and drug-free life. Over the entire period of operation, the center has helped hundreds of people get rid of alcohol and drug addiction.