International scientific conferences from “” SSPG Publish

Dear doctors and candidates of sciences, scientists, candidates for scientific degrees, teachers, postgraduates, students,

Scientific and publishing centre “” SSPG Publish invites you to participate in international scientific conferences of 2022-2023 around the world.

🌍 Articles and theses are published in England💎, Spain💎, Japan💎, Canada💎, Ukraine💎, Bulgaria💎.

❓How often are the conferences held?

International scientific and practical conferences are held twice a week. You can find a complete list of conferences and current dates on the website

🌍 Which countries hold the conferences?

International scientific and practical conferences are held in Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Spain, Ukraine, Greece, Sweden, Bulgaria, the USA, Turkey and other countries. You can see the complete up-to-date list of conferences held on the official website

💎 Do you issue participant certificates?

Each conference participant receives a Personal Certificate! You can find a sample of the Certificate here:

✅ What will we get as a result of the conference?
Based on the results of the conferences, a collection of theses is formed. The archive of all held conferences is presented on the website

Each participant receives an electronic collection of the conference theses and a Personal Certificate. The conference proceedings are posted on the website and sent to the authors no later than 7 days after the end of the conference!

☘️ How to use your services?

We accept works from authors from all over the world! You can write to the client manager of the conference you are interested in, or for general questions to mail [email protected].

To participate in the conference, it is necessary to mail a package of documents to the client-manager:

  1. Work designed according to the requirements;
  2. Questionnaire filled out according to the sample;
  3. A copy of the payment receipt.