The first meeting of the Student Scientific Society in 2017-2018

The door to the world of science of the new academic year of ONMedU has opened!

On Wednesday, September 27th, the meeting of the Council of the Student Scientific Society(SSS) took place.

The welcoming remarks were made by the immediate supervisor and professor Yushkovskaya Olga Gennadyivna Yushkovska, who congratulated everyone on the beginning of a new stage on the scientific path. During the meeting, the plan of work of the SSS for 2017-2018 was listened to and discussed with members of the Council. The brightest projects, conferences and master classes, which allow to be realized in any branch of science and exchange experience with foreign colleagues-students, were presented to all the participants. All interested persons had an opportunity to ask questions and to join the ranks of the SSS activists.

This event demonstrated the first-class and coordinated work of students, therefore, science in ONMedU is a great opportunity for self-realization of initiative and talented ones. And the main thing is a friendly team in which there is no place for rivalry, only the desire to unite for the sake of the bright future of Ukrainian medicine!