ONMedU has opened its doors to entrants

As part of the program of acquaintance of those wishing to join the ranks of students of Odessa National Medical University, dedicated to the Doors Open Day, which will be held on January 21, 2022 at 14:30 online, entrants visited the Department of Simulation Technologies. The staff of the department hospitably welcomed future entrants.

The school leavers were invited to feel like an ONMedU student for an hour and take several master classes.

They were given the opportunity to find parts of the fetus in the simulator of a pregnant woman’s belly, communicate with a sick five-year-old child – a robot of the highest level of realism who talks, breathes, blinks, learns basic life-saving skills and stops bleeding.

The entrants were shown how to suture damaged skin and tie a strong surgical knot. The result of this master class is that on the simulator of a hand with a damaged skin, the entrants sewed the stitches themselves and signed each stitch with their name.

At the end of the tour there was a quiz from the master classes, the winner of which on January 21 in the scientific laboratory of ONMedU will be able to isolate their own DNA.

We remind you that on January 18 at 2 pm entrants will be able to visit the Museum of University History, and at 3 pm – the Anatomical Museum.