In memory of Vadym Viktorovych Antoniuk

On February 15, 2022, the heart of a young talented pediatric surgeon Vadym Antoniuk stopped.

Vadym was born on May 31, 1966 in Odessa in a family of civil servants.

Vadym spent his whole life in Slobodka: home-work, work-home. In Slobidka he graduated from secondary school # 61 which is opposite the hospital to which he devoted his entire life.

In 1989 he graduated with honors from the Pediatric Faculty of Odessa Medical Institute named after Pirogov. Since the second year of studies Vadym was an active member of the student scientific group of the Department of Surgery, Orthopedics and Traumatology of Pediatrics under the leadership of the prominent scientist Aleksyuk Konstantin Petrovich. This enthusiasm left an imprint on all his later life, his first steps as a future scientist, a talented surgeon. It was in the regional children’s hospital that Vadym studied everything, went from a nurse to a department head, from a student to a scientist.

After graduating from the institute in 1989 he was enrolled as a pediatric surgeon in the second surgical department of the regional children’s clinical hospital. In 1997 Vadym was transferred to the Department of Emergency Surgery, and since 2007 he was the head of the Department of Emergency Surgery and Traumatology of the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital as a highly qualified specialist, pediatric surgeon of the highest category.

Scientific interest since his student years, rich experience in the only emergency children’s surgical department in Odessa region, allowed Vadym to successfully defend his dissertation on “Diagnosis, clinic and treatment of children with postoperative intra-abdominal infiltrates” and receive a Ph.D in 2018.  Vadym Viktorovych is the author of about 30 publications, 3 patents of Ukraine for utility model, co-author of 2 textbooks.

Vadym Viktorovych was as a regional specialist pediatric surgeon for over 15 years. He was an assistant at the Department of Pediatric Surgery for over 9 years. For many years he was responsible for the internship of pediatric surgeons on a clinical basis. Every day, side by side with young doctors, interns Vadym Viktorovych taught them surgical life, how to make firm decisions, try to do everything possible to save a sick child.

You are with us, Vadym!

A Man, a Great Man left this life! A talented surgeon, an emergency surgeon, an emergency surgeon who knew what to do! He did, he was not afraid, he saved! Saved more than 4,000 lives …

A Great Friend, a Devoted Friend! Loving and caring son, father, happy grandfather!

He was trusted with the lives of children, all children, He could be trusted with EVERYTHING!

If Vadym was at work, everything was fine.

A man of high culture and principled life positions. Your long-term loyalty to the profession, selfless service to children and preservation of the highest values ​​of life, your talent, knowledge and good energy will be with us. Bright eternal memory to you…

The farewell will take place on February 17, 2022 at 11:00 am at the urology site of the Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital (Ak. Vorobyova Street, 3).