“House of Europe” program

The “House of Europe” program offers more than 20 programs: trips to conferences, professional events, internships and networking in the EU and Great Britain, study tours, residencies, trainings and other opportunities. The House of Europe team supports creative cooperation and co-productions between Ukrainian organizations and their partners from the EU and Great Britain, finances the development of cultural infrastructure and programs for young people, also conducts youth camps and arranges student exchanges between universities within Ukraine.

House of Europe is a program funded by the European Union, created to support professional and creative exchange between Ukrainians and their colleagues in EU countries and Great Britain. The program focuses on culture and the creative sector, education, medicine, social entrepreneurship, media and youth work.

Structure of the House of Europe (by the sector)

To get more detailed information follow the link and visit the site: https://houseofeurope.org.ua/ and choose among the programs created by the “House of Europe” team or opportunities from other organizations from the EU and Great Britain.