February 21 – Mother Language Day

Every year on February 21, the world celebrates International Mother Language Day. “Supporting linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism” was announced at the XXX session of the UNESCO General Conference held in Paris in 1999. Language is the history and wisdom of a people, its worldview, intellectual and spiritual treasure.

In Ukraine, this holiday has existed since 2002, when the President of Ukraine signed a corresponding decree in order to strengthen the state-building function of the Ukrainian language, promote the free development and use of other languages of the national minorities of Ukraine.

We are looking forward to hearing the languages that are native to our students from different countries again within the walls of our university. And we also make a lot of efforts to preserve the Ukrainian Language.

Antonina Krytska, a teacher of the Department of Social Sciences, has developed a survey, which we invite our university applicants to take part in. We will announce the winners next week.

Follow the link (active until February 23 inclusively).


We wish you luck!